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Welcome to the Policy & Research department of the Indiana Association of REALTORS®, of which Mark Brown is the Director.  Mark performs research and analysis of real estate markets, economic and tax issues, and public policy questions.  He is also available to speak to local Boards/Associations on these topics.  E-mail him here.

Below is a compilation of research Mark did, both at IAR and at the Indiana Fiscal Policy Institute, that was used to guide and further the property tax reforms that came out of the 2008 Indiana General Assembly.

Fix the Assessment System

  1. Why Should We Have Standardized Data and Systems for All Assessments?
  2. Why Eliminate Indiana's Township Assessment System?
  3. What's Fact and What's Fiction When it Comes to Your Assessment System?
  4. How Does Indiana Rank Among Other States?
  5. Why Require Professional Licensing of Property Assessors?

Cut Property Taxes!

  1. Move School and Welfare Costs to State Budget
  2. Encourage Adoption of Local Option Income Taxes
  3. Fix Local Government

General Information:

  1. Chronology of Property Tax Relief
  2. Property Tax Crisis 2007 PowerPoint Presentation
  3. Why Use Market Value For Property Tax Assessment by Karl Berron
  4. REALTORS® Guiding Principles for Property Tax Reform (September 2007)
  5. Transfer Tax Policy
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