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At the Statehouse

Current Session Information

From the May 4, 2015 newsletter -

State Legislature Adjourns Sine Die

Sine die is Latin and means “without day”. It’s a term used by those who work inside the state capitol such as your IAR Government Affairs team. The rest of us would just say the end. Here’s the final report on how REALTORS® fared.

See the final report: http://bit.ly/2015LegReport

From the March 9, 2015 newsletter -

Legislative Score at the Half

Members of the Indiana General Assembly are half-way through their 2015 session. And the IAR Government Affairs team reports so far, so good for REALTORS®. Here’s where we stand on bills to reduce your risk, protect private property rights, and clarify outstanding issues from the 2012 license law rewrite. If that didn’t catch your attention, how about this:  are you still exempt from the state’s Do Not Call list? Will a sales tax on services replace the property tax on primary residences and business personal property? Might you be required to disclose HOA covenants during a transaction? Read more.

From the February 9, 2015 newsletter -

IAR Opens Doors at the State Capitol

And despite the heavy snow up north and the frigid temperatures elsewhere, more than 200 of you showed up! Why attend the annual Legislative Conference and Lobby Day? It’s simple, really. There’s strength in numbers and unity. Showing that at the State Capitol fuels the IAR Government Affairs team’s efforts to solve political problems before they become your business problem. Here’s the latest on what we discussed last week with State Representatives and State Senators

Visit http://www.in.gov/legislative or click the direct links below

Calendar Stay up-to-date on the bills being considered by committees and the full House & Senate.
Contact View Indiana General Assembly members by caucus, committee assignments and see legislation filed by each. 
Search Search bills by number or keyword and view entire text, including fiscal impact statements; also see resolutions.
Watch video from the full House, Senate and various committees, including the House Ways & Means Committee and the Senate Appropriations Committee.
Who's Your Legislator? Enter your home zip code to find your state Representative and Senator, as well as your U.S. Representative and Senators.


 Legislative & Political News

Howey Politics Indiana Howey Politics Indiana is a weekly briefing on Indiana Politics, written by syndicated columnist Brian A. Howey. It is a non-partisan publication that covers politics and public policy from Indianapolis, Washington, D.C. and from cities across the state. Mark Schoeff, Jr. and Mark Curry correspond from Washington. Featured columnists include Howey, economist Morton J. Marcus, Cameron Carter, Chris Sautter and others.
INGroup Your work depends more on what legislators, bureaucrats, judges and politicians do than you might think. Laws, regulations, policies, and pronouncements are made every day... and any one of them could have a devastating impact on your work... or help you. But none of this matters unless you know about them... or know enough to anticipate them. And that's where INGroup can help you.
Indiana Week in Review Hoosiers "in the know" are getting their answers from the show that does the talking:  Indiana Week In Review. You may watch for the news, but you'll stay for the no-holds-barred debate and discussion. A look at issues facing Indiana from differing viewpoints makes for an entertaining, lively and informative half-hour.  
Indiana Lawmakers

This award-winning WFYI Public Television production provides Hoosiers with comprehensive coverage of the Indiana legislative sessions. Since its inception in 1981, Indiana Lawmakers has evolved from a series of short field reports to a weekly in-depth examination of the issues and agendas before the state legislature. Host, Jon Schwantes, of Dispatch Broadcasting, heads the production team. Each week he takes you behind the closed doors of the Statehouse and face-to-face with the women and men of state government who make things happen. 

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